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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  October 5, 2012 8:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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thanks to all of you for joining us this morning for this very interesting discussion of what will follow. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> the media research center celebrated with a gala last week in washington d.c. during the event, organizers and attendees on at the date anger by hard work is reporting on the conservative platform issues. featured speakers include reince priebus, stephen hayes and laura ingraham. >> ladies and gentlemen, once again, here is chris plante. [applause] following keith olbermann, what is better than not? i want to thank all of the people that took my cue and sent thrills up my leg during dinner through my obama phone.
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this is an obama phone. i am a down the phone guide in 2012. when brent bozell asked me to emcee tonight's dinner is a little bit uncomfortable because you can't trust brent bozell or the people he surrounds himself with. they would sell out their mothers for one cheap laugh and then move on merrily. but i thought about it for a moment and i almost decline, but i thought, i'll go ahead. there's a free dinner and free drinks in it. so i go ahead and take him up on the author. and that is after my work in talk radio, which is a very unstable business and i could be fired pretty much any moment as has been proven at least once already. [laughter] [applause] so got to keep some connections in town just in case friday to get the news at 12:05 about
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which is how it happens there. but i do love the video research center and i know a lot of us do because these guys don't follow the rules and i don't follow the rules as prescribed, has tattooed me in catholic school didn't really take very well. and conventional wisdom has it that, you know, if you can't beat them come you join them. at the media research center they've taken a old adage and turned it on its ear. we can't join them, so let's beat the art of saddam. [applause] in my job you're tonight basically is really to shuttle people up onto the stage and allow them to do the real work here. i'm just kind of the window dressing to present the awards and do all that good stuff. and we have tonight a very busy
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night, a lot of stuff to show you, a lot of great people to present awards at a lot of great people receiving awards. we have four awards, plus our finance, our videos, plus a william f. buckley junior award for excellence in journalism. it happens. plus a grand finale, just wait. plus more fun after the event of the davison brothers band performing on the stage on the other end of this truly extraordinary building and this is a truly extraordinary building. all the amazing buildings in washington, this is one worth noting that the great history they were just getting some on a farmer play. so to present the first two awards tonight, we have a woman who has graced us with their prison several times before and is backed by popular demand.
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she is the most listened to women and political talk radio in the united states of america. she is a regular fox news contributor and the principal substitute host on the o'reilly factor. she is the number one "new york times" best-selling author of five books, including the obama diaries, shut up and sing and of course her current new smash hit that you must buy if you haven't already, and the icing, america's cultural decline from muffin tops to body shots. irrepressible come extraordinary, laura ingraham. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> thank you, everybody. how are you? chris plante is awesome. i love him. he's a great guy, great radio host and a washington d.c. institution and i'm delighted.
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i feel like i'm here amongst a lot of friends. and an incredible, beautiful environment and also in an interesting election season to say the least. our first award for the evening -- before we get to that, i have to start it was a joke. can i start out with a joke? joe biden. sorry, that's the joke. [applause] followed by another joke, nancy pelosi. sorry. as an ardent practicing catholic. sorry. i was told by friends of "saturday night live" but i do the best nancy pelosi impersonation, but i'm still waiting for that bet they are going to me and "saturday night live." he seemed to avoid goofy liberal spirits on the republicans they do over there.
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our first award to the evening is the obama got some award. i can't believe i'm actually saying that. troubling. for about 25 years come in the media research center has been documenting every idiocy we know from the media as they celebrate one liberal hero after another. and let me just say, the people we are going to be talking about, they love politicians who want to raise your taxes, right? they love politicians who want to expand the nanny state and are going to check all the boxes here. they love presidents who have been wondering i peered well, if they have the right political views. they love the wives who actually stand by those presidents who are politicians of wandering eyes, as long as there is a
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senate seat potentially up for grabs. they love all things communist. i actually had a chance to live in the former soviet you and i don't really look back on my times that the soviet union as a college student, late pining for the days of soviet russia, that you get the sense of semi-reference an immediate city can only have the spread mind again, that would be awesome. from castro to gorbachev, other communist things come to mind, obama. no, o'reilly is going to yell at me for that. they love theirs. it brings them back to the day where they could draw a bright line. the evil united states versus the communitarians and the former soviet union. they love celebrities who when
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they hear the word complicated, akron on slate gdp, they think gdp, gdp, is that late tng, but as jacob anna clark's now, gdp. it is not a teacher clothing line. you are equating? of course are not kidding. before you present you with a finalist and will give you a compilation heroes for the past five years. >> bruce babbitt was the governor of arizona nearly a year ago. did the purchase is the president he would have to raise taxes and he never was recovered from his courage. >> the soviet union, born and bred a revolution come about together by atrium that is still
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being drowned. it is the turn of a socialist nation marching towards the first communist state. the soviet union, a mighty union. >> they are the healthiest and most dedicated, who many of them say they have pastoral and social revolution. new mac ♪ >> we talked to one observer who said if he were awarded the nobel prize, and he would nominate mattel gorbachev. what do you think about? >> is that because bill clinton has been such a great president they elected in great part, or is there something, i want to say, almost about a man who could getaway with things over and over again? >> she clearly hated being not others just bill clinton's wife.
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finally, last november 1998, hillary clinton showed the world what she could do in the campaign trail without him. political mastery, every bit as dapper lee ♪ >> for castro, freedom stirs education. and if literacy alone was the yardstick on the kivu would rank as one of the freest nations on earth. the literacy rate, 96%. >> the new speaker was on the floor for a time holding her six-year-old grandson, although i give you directions on how events were to proceed good it seems the ultimate in multitasking. taking care of the children in the country. >> people apology to savior, the messiah, messenger change. >> i would like to say that in some ways, barack obama is the first president since george
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washington to be taking a step down into the oval office. >> we know that wind can make a cold day feel colder, but to national pride week a freezing day feel warmer? it seems to be the case because regardless of the final crowd number estimates, never have so many people shivers along with such joy. >> from above, even this sequel is ranking of humanity. >> in a way, obama standing about the country, about the world, a sort of god. ♪ >> i mean, didn't clint eastwood say bessie said well, we'll believed oprah was crying her well, now we are all crying. that's the problem. in 2012, very bitter loose
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change with our friends in the media. they still love all the same heroes and they still get hot flashes at night. i said this on my radio show the other day, but a lot of male journalist seemed positively post menopausal in their reaction to president obama. so this year we offer as our first award in our first nominee for the obama got some free finalists. our first nominee is a man whose infatuation with president obama is something that you probably all remember. sooner or later it will basically get an r. rating from the bush picture association. and yes, ladies and gentlemen, who else? who do you think? let me hear some shots. this is too easy. chris drill up my leg, mathews. isn't it a surprise when he seem
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actually talking about obama and he still has his close on? you know, back in college used to have this acronym of the screen i when there there was a lot of pda, public display of affection in our dorm. it would be get a room, gir. i am always screaming at the television when chris mathews is speaking. back on july 17, all christmas banning himself, once again. >> this guy's done everything right previews raised his family right, fight his way to the top of the harvard law review and a blind test becomes a top editor there. everything he has done as clean as a whistle. he's never broken a law comment on it or want from a perfect father american and all they do is crash the guy. >> so that is the bar now been
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set for the presidency. he hasn't broken any law. okay, i think we all can accept the nomination for presidency. look, the only trashing that has been done over the last three and a half years is to our economy and to our international stature and that has been done by this president. and actually, chris, i personally have complimented president obama many times and i'll be listened to my radio show now i share to do a fair amount. look, president obama might not know a lot about economics, but he does a mean karaoke. siliceous celebrate that. let's all hold hearings. mus back so in love with you. ♪ ishat all? come on. imagine mitt romney doing that. ♪ i'm so in love with you.
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>> i'm sorry, you've got to give it to both sides. our second obamagasm award. there's a priester, i can go to confession. goes to someone who celebrated a movement, not just an individual. this was on october 11, abcs, and i'm going to do her voice, diane sawyer of the perpetually heavy breathing voice, who's trying with a very blurry lines. last night i actually liked diane. i'm sorry, i feel guilty doing this, was trying vallely to describe the emergence of a
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movement known as the benevolent occupy wall street. >> without food for you up-to-date on those protesters, the occupy wall street movement. as such ignited a spread to more than 250 american cities, more than a thousand countries. every continent but antarctica. >> right up there with 57 states, occupy wall street has spread to what thousand countries. why not just say, in the trillion? well, god bless her, our final nominee for the obamagasm award is britain's own alien life form, known as a long walk of the short piers morgan.
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now, i never did much understand why cnn thought it would beat fox news at 9:00 p.m. with a british host who looks like he just got a really loud when she had a british prep school. that didn't make a lot of sense to me. but what do i know? i only work for the number one news network in the united states. [cheers and applause] shameless plug alert. on december 5th, good old peers was interviewing obama's chief strategist, otherwise known as mr. whipple, david axelrod. remember those old commercials? don't squeeze the sharman? i swear it is his doppelgänger. we're all squeeze now. that's the problem.
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when you look to piers morgan, the siphon off his time. it's not so much she's interviewing a guest, he's actually interviewing himself. this is where we will the clip. >> i always feel he's got so many pluses. he's handsome, he can be funny, he has this great image for america, but a lot of things are just perfect about barack obama. [applause] >> i don't know, we've got a lot of men in this room. how many times, look around you at the table, everybody is a different look, it's a mature children it doesn't matter which look on the outside, matters who you are in the insight, your heart, whether you walk us
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christ upon july. i tried to make is that. then, look around you at the table, how many of you would let the word strip off your tongue, gosh he's handsome. [laughter] i'm just saying. the thing is i like washing piers morgan when he's doing that once a month review of the jackson family. is it just me, or is the jackson family on cnn every other night? seems like they're cohosting most of the show. we could give you 50 examples of all this, but then you would all second upon your table mates and would have to declare this entire event a superfund site. so i won't do that. so these were finalists and we gave them to her judges and the
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painstaking process is of less common sense since i am a judge myself, i gave it to myself and we chose the winner of the obamagasm award. all right. are you ready? if you look him up with this terrible award shows. so exciting. is this a disturbing sign? is written farsi. sorry, it's arabic or whatever. this obamagasm award, could it be anyone, but it's chris mathews. ♪ now sadly, chris couldn't join us this year again. there was something in his contract -- sorry, he's talking. >> all they do is trash the guy. >> sorry, you get the point.
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>> does it really matter if i talk over chris mathews? there something in his contract. they told him he had to cuddle up with a copy of stolen skis rules for radicals this for radicals this time of night so he couldn't be here. accepted on his behalf is the bane of his existence these days. now, this is someone i once called the mr. bean of republican politics. and i don't think he took to it with the usual offense man would take teasing from someone like me. how about this nice guy from wisconsin who is upright, matter-of-fact about conservatism, how can you possibly deliver all the fundraising for the republican
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party? ladies and gentlemen, let me just say, some people might be weighted at 2012 and what's going to happen, but the one thing they shouldn't worry about is the man who is heading up the republican national committee, my friend, rnc chairman, not mr. bean, it is reince priebus. ♪ >> well, thank you, laura. thank you laura very much for this. man, am i glad that i am a conservative because, you know, if laura wonders what kind of a number is your child peers, can you imagine what he would say about parents have named their
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son reince? first of all, for the record, reince priebus is what happens when a greek in nature men get married. it's like a cultural disaster. and you know, pallbearer actually figure something out with my name. if you actually take the bowels are defending reince priebus, think about this, you get rnc. wait, it gets worse and more fitting. pr bs. so god does have a sense of humor. don't worry, i am a normal guy. my kids are named jack and grace, so we went the opposite direction of my name. anyway, thank you for having me here today. there is no question that i've seen firsthand, but i have some vicious attacks of the liberal media. it can be tough out there if you're not careful you can get bruised and bloodied and i'm
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surprised there's not a program for that in obamacare. well, now at the rnc, we are doing our best to hold the president accountable, and i hope you agree, besides the record money we've spent on tv this year, we have launched over 100 hard-hitting web videos on youtube. in fact, the other day went downstairs and talked to the guy that makes our videos and he told me the one released a couple days ago received over 100,000 hits on youtube. and i thought man, what msnbc do with that kind of viewership. wow, i know current tv is disappointed that they were not one of the three nominees, but grant explained to me that she would actually have to have viewers to be nominated. [laughter] i read recently that brent
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bozell, obama's campaign spokesperson was on the jennifer granholm show on tv and i wondered if he's on current tv, who is watching current tv? well, it's great to see so many people here tonight. it is a shame that chris mathews couldn't be here with us to see what a large audience looks like, right? [applause] you know, you know maybe we are too hard on good old chris sometimes. i think he tries, but it just seems like he's always asking the wrong questions. a fact that he made painfully on this a few months ago when he appeared on jeopardy. i will take last-place finishes $4000, alex, please. let me conclude by thanking you come in the media research center for your pursuit of honesty and accountability in
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journalism. we need a little more of that in the media and the political discourse and a lot less of those that lean to the left. msm say, leaned forward. congratulations to brent bozell under tremendous or, for fighting liberal bias for 25 years. 25, that is the silver anniversary. [applause] and branch, icu colored your beard a little bit to celebrate this silver anniversary tonight. so, to the mrc, keep it up. and that the rnc, we will be working nonstop for the next 40 days to save the american dream and end this liberal european nightmare that we have in the white house.
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[cheers and applause] this is -- this is our generation's time for choosing. this is our generation's rendezvous with destiny. and we are going to keep fighting for the next generation. i promise you something, i promise you on my life that i am not here tonight or anywhere across america because a word about the future of the republican party. we are here tonight because we're worried about the future of the country that we love. and let me tell you, we are going to save this country and we are going to fire barack obama in november. thank you and god bless you. ♪
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>> and outcome of the great thing about this is where among friends. and reince is so gracious and unlike so many politicians who they get all offended if you tease them. but i think for the last two years i called him stab to prance. before i continue, i also want to remind everyone who is here, who is taking time out of their busy schedules and many people have come up to me tonight from mississippi and california. you've come a long way to honor and celebrate the media research center. i can tell you that i am so thankful for your being here, for brent bozell, kim grand, his entire team. it takes a huge effort and phenomenal team to do what they do a daily basis. and branch, i am and not of what
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she's done over over the last 25 years. thank you. [applause] time to have that golden anniversary. a lot has been said recently about media bias. brent got a great gift a few days ago when even the gallup organization announced the results of this most recent poll, that 60% of americans view the current media landscape as either untrustworthy or biased. 60%. and i think to [speaking in native tongue] , of course. i mean come even democrats know that most of the guys who work for the mainstream -- so-called mainstream or dinosaur media outlet or democrat. the few studies have been bandon overwhelmingly prove that. i think wait a second, george
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stephanopoulos, former clinton operative. i've been on "good morning america" within. he could be nicer to me, but when you are asked recently about media bias and he says, well now, i don't think there is media bias. it's like all of them in this room at one sane we don't have a national debt. it's like yeah, what should the $16 trillion plus national debt. now, we don't have a national debt. you lose all credibility. while, at no point is bias more obvious than during the presidential campaign season when the long odds to the media are always out for all things conservative or republican. and of course, if you are one of those republicans who gets paid to criticize other republicans,
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then you're kind of the toast of the town, right? you're accepting awards on behalf of media matters tonight. you're not being tested here. i am thinking of course of a number he rose to all you here tonight, like charlie crist. get at least a few mashed potatoes left on the plate. jon huntsman. he likes to speak manner asleep. arlen specter, lincoln chafee. but you understand the pitcher bruce ball into ears because these are courageous man of great principle and great conviction because when push came to shove, they really were conservative at all. in other words, they really were republicans, at least successful ones. so our second award for tonight is appropriately called, and this is inter-mrc brent bozell
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fashion, the vast right wing knuckle drivers award. now, to demonstrate his doors all things conservative, what you need to do? you need to only compare their treatment of us and then their treatment of their fellow liberals. so we are going to give you a sampling now over the years to prove the point, just so you get it. so you think dan quayle versus al gore. you think maybe bush versus obama. you think george clooney versus clint eastwood. their idea of balance. ♪ >> quayle and his supporters story protective arm around the national guard is that the institution itself under attack. it of course is not. he and his apparent mediocrity and hypocrisy are.
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>> i have chosen a leader of great strength. >> plus a look at some of that footage of the expect field beefcake. >> with sailors strut by the stanza bear chest. >> i think gore and clinton would be all generational change ticket. i suppose they could do cameo appearances or something. they got more positive coverage on this bus tour than the beatles on their first tour of america. more reporters were doing and i was it was almost embarrassing. sorry i didn't get a chance to do it until now. >> the day before his speech, kerry crossed boston harbor with his mates from vietnam, his band of brothers. they have one bottle left. but tonight, the voter will stand alone in his hometown by march time and what to do what john f. kerry has nearly always done, find a way to win.
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>> you lie and not both endlessly. they don't have a name on it, john o'neill. >> hold that, hold that. >> you lied -- >> what about mr. carthy, mr. o'neill? >> i am appalled. >> and understand why you are screaming. you can't afford the truth. >> you never met -- >> cbs news has exclusive information including documents that now sheds new light on the president's service record. 60 minutes has obtained government documents that indicate mr. bush may have received preferential treatment in the guard after not filling
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his commitments. >> vote republican and you vote to enable george bush to keep rolling as an emperor, a child emperor. but an emperor. >> i have to tell you, as part of record in this case this election. the feeling most people when they hear barack obama speech, i feel that's going up my leg. i don't have that too often. it's a dramatic event. there's nothing to do with politics and has to do with the guy we have about our country. and that is an objective assessment. >> i read that she once took a psychological test is that the position you are most suited for his undertaker. >> on the bus ride up on the snowy road to lebanon, new hampshire, i showed him this
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week's "newsweek" off the presses. >> how does this feel of all the honors that have come your way, all the publicity? >> well, i have not seen this. it's quite some pain. you know -- >> what is to make you think of? is very loved one? >> last i were together i can assure a copy of music are the first time you thought it with you on the cover. have you yet how this in your hand? >> the fact of the matter is the comparison is held at hillary clinton is a the comparison between an igloo in the empire state building. >> i want to just stipulate at the beginning of this interview, we are declaring a reverend wright free zone today, so no questions about reverend wright. our viewers understood one comes this were going to a vine. is that okay with you quite >> aeronaut. that sounds just fine. >> at a rubber chew, but i
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prefer james carville but the garbage can over his head. look, when you watch those clips, is that like you are in the crisis care limits the ghost of christmas past visiting you? at hannah bloch of that out of my mind. but this year, things really are not all that much different. of anything it's a lot worse. the nature of against conservatives has increased. the left-wingers in the press are absolutely in a frothy frenzy. they want to frame mitt romney is this guy, who hates poor people, check. he hates puppies, check. scott walker? i know he's running around here maybe tonight. but scott walker, governor of wisconsin for the recall, but he really hated teachers and people like paul ryan. he just wants to push grandma over the class, future maybe if she's lucky, and little tables
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and beds. i mean, this is what they want people to think of really incredibly good and intelligent conservatives. and it is so over-the-top ludicrous. now, barack obama is the opposite of all those things. he loves puppies. u.s. people. he loves rainbows. and he is a total romantic. this man knows how to wine and dine his wife. unfortunately for us usually on our tax dollars. and he can do no wrong, even after this ridiculous record, the incredible damage has been done to the united states. none of it matters because the infatuation has turned into a full-blown affair that the media has had with him. now, i know we'll have audience participation at the end of the
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program, but as far as i'm concerned, you should feel perfectly welcome to user noisemakers to let the world know how you feel when we give our finalists to 2012 dishonors knuckle draggers award. here we go. first nominee of the night his former cnn correspondent, bob franken talking about gop candidates on this show called politics nation. and i submit to you it is on msnbc. i personally never heard of this show, but you can rest assured that the people currently underserved than have ever watched this program. it was on january 6. check it out. >> and seems to appeal to the extreme right wing of the republican party. that is to say that there
8:41 pm
continues to be under concert is a real sentiment against blacks. they think it is part of a hateful campaign that is methodically run in the hope that it is going to appeal for voters who would like to see us return to the good old days of jim crow. >> yeah, we are really anti-black. colonel allen west is anti-black, connie rice's anti-black, they are all publicly anti-black. msnbc daytime anchor. yes, i want you to note that. he's an actual anchor on this network that i used to work for called msnbc. his name is thomas roberts and he was online september 23rd to comment on the previous night gop debates. and when i think about msnbc time i actually think of how many people work on each of
8:42 pm
their shows. and i think there are more staffers working for the shows than there are people watching the shows. and nevertheless, mr. roberts takes it away. >> i get out of all of these things for many candidates have rather take legislation to build a time machine and go back in time to where we had, you know, no women voting, slavery was cool. >> in other words, republicans are troglodytes. liberals are so perpetually better informed. tom roberts. our third and final nominee for the 2012 dishonors knuckle drag her award is an well, how can it not be?
8:43 pm
i don't know about you, but when i'm watching chris mathews, i feel like i have to reach for the baby wipes. i happen to have a child who is still in diapers, so i have a lot around the house. i went to both wipe off my television screen and myself. a lot of saliva happening there. on november 15th, chris is a walking bumper sticker for the banal thinking of the left. and i am talking about their indication of their favorite four letter word as applied to conservatives. hate. and if you want to be hip with the kids on twitter, it is each eight hour, heater. everybody here, boy that badge proudly. on twitter i think it's cool. let's watch.
8:44 pm
>> the outer confusion the republican presidential nominating process results in two discernible facts. one, they hate. that's the simplest explanation of the process. they hate so much they are not a minute to fall in love with a candidate or even fall behind someone. their brains rag as they are by hatred, they lack the lake mode. they are no mode to look for a politician alike. they hated me so much more satisfying. >> i don't know about all of you, but hating -- we do, i guess we hate what is being done to america. we hate what is being done to her freedom. we hate what is done to our constitution hate what is being done to her gdp. we hate what a center ally israel and to america's standing in the world. we hate, yes we do. and i hate watching these clips
8:45 pm
from chris mathews. the vast right-wing knuckle tracker award goes to the so-called news anchor at msnbc who believes conservatives want to go back to a time when slavery was cool, tomas, no one has ever heard of me, roberts. >> i get out of all of these things than many candidates would rather take legislation to build a time machine and go back in time, to where we had no women voting, slavery was cool. i mean, vicious kind of ridiculous. ♪ >> i don't know about all of you, but i am thinking it's a
8:46 pm
long sendoff to that one sound bite. there's a lot of information we probably still could glean from the detainees at gitmo. and i am thinking, we just play a nonstop loop of mathews and roberts back to back. maybe a little clip thrown in for good measure will get all the contact information we need. accepting on behalf of our favorite msnbc host who could not be here tonight, and i am so said tommy couldn't be here. perhaps no one in washington who folks at msnbc despised more than a man who has devoted much of his professional life and most of his personal life to protecting and defending the american families from both a social conservative and fiscal conservative perspective. he has seen up close how frankly dangerous this can be. we all remember what happened earlier this year at the office of family research council when
8:47 pm
the office is in another security employee was actually attacked, shot and an individual was intent on sending a message and he did. and got very little media coverage. i said to transcend a couple of weeks ago i guess it was, imagine if a phenomenally republican oriented valentine heaven forbid gone into the headquarters of the human rights campaign and shot one of their security -- either never met think about it. but imagine if that happened. it would be vigils, protests, nonstop media coverage. but because it happened at the family research council, it was essentially thrown to the dog, but i am delighted very much so soon introduce the man who is accepting the award on behalf of
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tom roberts, my friend from the family research council, tony perkins. ♪ >> thank you, laura. i am very honored to be here tonight. you know, most people do not think i have a sense of humor and this is my chance to prove them right. last night i wouldn't think as a southern back as i would be encouraging people to drink, but go ahead and drink. the jokes get funnier. i am from louisiana and i spent time in office here is introduced earlier. i was introduced as a former state legislator from louisiana. a guy came up to me and he said,
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you don't sound like you're from louisiana. you don't look like you're from louisiana. i said what do you mean? is that i watched a show about louisiana, smart people. i said james carville does not represent all of us. [applause] but i thought that bob franken is going to except for thomas roberts, but i was told that he could not make it tonight. he was out looking for the right wing basis. very sad time machine? maybe i can go back and pass on this invitation. and my pal, chris mathews, well, i hate to say this, but i hate to chris mathews didn't win the award and i hate that he is not here tonight. it must've been sent name he hates. [laughter] or maybe it is just that the
8:50 pm
thrill is gone. as for thomas roberts and the time machine, maybe we can send him back to a time when reporters actually reported. you know the time, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and news was so easy that a caveman could do it and brent was running around in a loin cloth. i'm sorry, you just finished eating. next slide. let me just say on behalf of mr. robbers in the entire liberal establishment, mr c. comment you are a threat. and for the rest of us, thank you, brent bozell. i gladly accept this award and i want to thank brent and mrc were 25 years of exposing the bias and inspiring all of us to look beyond what we are told and look
8:51 pm
for the truth. branch, here's to 25 more years. [cheers and applause] >> i know that sounds. i've worked with some of those people. and everything you think about them is true. one of my favorite -- there's too many names. one of my favorites is diane sawyer informing us that the occupied movement has spread to more than a dozen countries worldwide. i mean, that is a gem. i run not over and over again. there are of course democrats to stay at home. fewer than 200 countries on the planet earth. therefore, the movement has apparently spread to a number of
8:52 pm
other planet. [laughter] they produce so many valuable things, the occupied movement. return of the bomb, good stuff. well, there are a lot of people, individuals and organizations represented in this room who cosponsored tonight's events. too many to name individually. i'd be going through a lot of you here. you'll find the names of the sponsors, many of your own names in tonight's program. but there is one person we want to single out for recognition tonight because he has done something quite extraordinary. dan kennedy. where is dan? dan kennedy is a trustee of the media research center and has
8:53 pm
kennedy consulting where he is surrounded by a virtual army of america's finest, entrepreneurs all, all of whom who will happily tell our beloved president, barack obama, that the government didn't have anything to do with building their businesses. [applause] and dan did something -- dan did something tonight that we what to recognize him for. dan filled five tables tonight with business leaders. so we wanted to single you out for recognition. for all of your good works. and next up is the william asked buckley award for media axle and. the william f. buckley award for excellence was launched, was founded with the blessings of william asked buckley himself in
8:54 pm
2007. and the purpose is to honor wednesday or that individual who has a reporter has done the most to correctly cover the policies and politics of the conservative movement, or as a commentator has best defended and promoted our vision in the face of relentless attacks from an increasingly dishonest left-wing media. that is a generous understatement. the winner every year is selected by the mrc board of trustees. and our first recipient was none other than rush limbaugh. i think a lot of people have heard of him. he was followed in 2008 by the surliness, tony snow. [applause] tony was followed in turn by a favorite of mine certainly and has been in for a long time and a favorite of a lot of people in this room and that is what
8:55 pm
human. one of the real adults in the news media today. someone that really deserves great respect and doesn't get all the respect he is due in the industry. in 2010 we give the buckley award to the author of the sharon statement and one of the unsung heroes of the conservative movement, and stanton adams. [applause] last year the award went to none other than cal thomas and well deserved it was. cow with his column appeared in more than 500 newspapers nationwide, the most widely read conservative commentator in america, frequent guest on television shows and a regular panelist on the fox news watch, great show callas also when the cable ace award, the george foster peabody award as well from "the associated press" and
8:56 pm
united press international. although i'm guessing those might've been a while ago. so to pass the baton and present the 2012 william f. buckley award for media excellence, it is an honor to present to you a man i am proud to call my friend, paul tomas. ♪ >> thank you very much, chris. those who do not live in washington and do not have the privilege of listening to christmas talkshow from 9:05 a.m. to noon just before rush comes on, i want to highly recommend it to you. 6:30 wme l. i think chris is one a the best talk show host in the country on par with rash, he is amazing. he's funny, he's accurate and if you haven't discovered them yet,
8:57 pm
i hope you will. he paid me to say that. no he didn't, just kidding. once upon a time and in america far, far away, which then had to media seemingly less hostile to the things conservatives value most, there was a species called an investigative reporter. his job was to root out corruption and what others wanted kept secret in order to enlighten the public and politicians of both parties accountable. to the extent such as species exist today, are largely serves the function of the rest of left-wing journalism. as we've seen with the success of fox news and talk radio, the liberal media get very upset when their territory is invaded by upstart outsiders. andrew breitbart was an upstart and an outsider. pop back yes. enter quickly became a player
8:58 pm
because he knew there were things covered up by the media, mostly to assist their friends in government that they don't want exposed. in that capacity come and are upheld the highest principles of which are investigative reporter. among his and his organization's many valuable contributions to public knowledge for the anthony tweets, which i hate to bring up so soon after our meal. the acorn 2009 undercover video set expose the supposed nonprofit outfit as a shill for democrats. and this year, the planned parenthood videos, which outed a counselor for telling a young woman than having a sex selection abortion was no problem. it was a blogger, commentator on various programs and a wonderful troublemaker for those who deserve to be in trouble. [applause] he founded and five other websites.
8:59 pm
draper tv, big hollywood, big government, big journalism and big piece. he became a big player in what has come to be called the new media, including work as an editor of the drugs report website and yes, the "huffington post." bill buckley didn't dawn the past, but he believed we could and should learn from it. he was fascinated by the rise of the new media and encourage conservatives to become involved in it as he had in the old media. he didn't live to see it come to full fruition and anderlecht is too soon for him to have a major greater influence than he already has had. it is a tribute to him that his websites and work indoor and it is now my pleasure, so what are f. buckley junior award, 2% this award posthumously to enter beit arie. may he rest in peace.
9:00 pm
[applause] may he rest in peace and may his legacies live on. accepting the award is orson bean, suzy's father. and within his alley mills being a. ♪ ..
9:01 pm
and started thinking about the end of things. occurred to me that when my sometime does come, i hope to go the way my deer dear old grandfather is d is quietly. not screaming like the passengers in his car. [laughter] andrew lived us. my wife, alley was loved so much my andrew, he said i never dreamed i would be in the same family with the mother from the "wonder years" and he just was so full of heart the thing i love most about andrew in terms of the public per sewn that how
9:02 pm
people on the left hated him until they met him. then they started loving him. the new yorker sent a woman to l.a. where we all live to do a piece on him. they did a long piece and she spent ten days. she he brought the woman over to her house. they did a love lerlt. she loved him. she couldn't say bad things about him. "the new york times" wrote two major pieces and they were loved letters. the reporters spent time with him. larry, who was his best friend from earliest childhood and formed the breitbart organization with andrew, who is here tonight, loved andrew. we all loved andrew, and my daughter sue city wanted to be able to come here tonight and finally it was just it isn't time yet. she's still so indies pair with grief and surrounded by some
9:03 pm
people who loved him would have overwhelmed her. anyway, i'm happy to accept this on match behalf andrew of sue city and my four grandchildren. -- thank you. ♪ ♪ not screaming like the oh people in the car. [laughter]
9:04 pm
you never know what's going to happen. ask mitt romney you never know what happens when someone makes off with video tape with you. especially when people get it to the edit room and loses control over it. and that happens every night with the republican and the news media. as a demonstration what i mean. a short time mrc president brent bozell with was asked to video tape a message to mrc supporters about the value of the mrc and great internship program. it is great internship program. being the nice guy that he is,
9:05 pm
rough exterior, he cooperated little did he know that he was being set up by his own interns. and this is what they have done. it lie i'm brent bozell i'm the founder of the research center. we recognize the importance of equipping young conservative with the skills, tools and knowledge they need to help shape and influence the conservative movement for decades to come. that's why for more than twenty years, the mrc youth education and intern program has offered our nation's most promising conservative students and beansive on the job education in news analysis reporting marketing, and fundraising. unlike the typical washington,
9:06 pm
d.c., intern isship experience. many mrc interns go on to successful time careers with the mrc where they continue to grow professionally. and prominent conservative organizations or political campaigns. leveraging their mrc experience to help advance conservativism in a variety of unique ways. i'm proud of the great work mrc interns have done over the years. and continued to do it on behalf of the conservative cause. mrc makes a real impact across every mrc department. they are truly part of the mrc
9:07 pm
family. ♪ [applause] [laughter] [applause] there was another one made about the clinton white house program. [laughter] you can find it on the internet -- [laughter] but we're not going play it here. [laughter] and that tape is a good introduction to the next segment, the funniest, now i know that all, you know, it's chris matthews and bob frank, and they can't but be funny. they are not intentionally funny, of course, chris matthews were not employed by msnbci. he would be muttering in a bus stop about racism and -- eyeing little girls with bad intent.
9:08 pm
[laughter] and our presenter for the segment is, i believe an established star in the conservative movement, and his story continues to rise and it's a pleasure to have him with us tonight. he's a senior writer at the weekly standard. the author of two "new york times" best sellers, cheney the untold story of america's most powerful and controversial vice president as well as the "connection" how al qaeda collaboration with saddam hussein has endangered america. he's working on the third book, endless, how i learned how to write "new york times" best sellers with the the longest titles. the work appeared in countless publicly indications around the country, he has been a commentator on cnn.
9:09 pm
msnbc. everybody has to start somewhere. cnbc and c-span. now you see him regularly including pretty much every night at 6:00 p.m. on the brett baier show. which is what we call real television. and to take us through the next seg. it's a pleasure to introdisuse a good friend mr. city fen city fen hays. [applause] ♪ ♪ good evening. how are we doing? i have the easiest job here all night. i get to introduce the funnies. i want to say, as chris mentioned, i'm doing a lot of work for the fox news channel. i'm thrilled with my affiliation with fox. fair and balanced. plldz couldn't think of a better show to be on regularly than breath bayer "special report"
9:10 pm
which is the best news program on television. [applause] and it's interest because when i meet people sometimes people think of me as broadcast guy. they see me on fox. at heart, i'm still a print journalist. er sort of grew up as a print journal i guess, i worked for the weekly standard, i consider that my sort of real job. i'm moonlighting at fox. i hope or it moonlighting for many years. but i'm a print journalist at heart. what's interesting about tonight and the program that brent put together. we feature so many in the way of broadcast journalism and taking shots at so many journalist flps are many more who deserve to be shot at. i mean that metaphorically, please. i want to share with you a couple of examples of bias idiot
9:11 pm
sei in print journalist. i didn't want you think the print journalists are smarter than broadcast journalist even though that's the reputation. i compiled a list of real headlines and the important for me to emphasis these are actual headlines that ran in real newspapers across the country. i'm going read a few. the first one, federal agents raid gun shop find weapons. [laughter] [laughter] one armed man applaud the kindness of strangers. [laughter] statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after 25. [laughter] dimension these are real headlines? this is not madeup.
9:12 pm
[laughter] tight end returns after colon surgery. [laughter] [laughter] come on! if we're giving an obama award i can do a tight end joke. [laughter] this is one of the favorites, one los angeles times story involved a counsel woman named laura who was unhappy at what she saw gender-based incensivity from the colleagues. the los angeles times headline chick accuses some of the male colleagues of sexism. [laughter] homicide victims rarely talk to police. [laughter] totally serious. i'm totally serious. hispanics ace spanish test. [laughter] and the last one, midget sues grocer cites belittling remarks. [laughter] all those are real.
9:13 pm
[applause] so for some who have attended this event as i have over the years, our annual funny video segment is truly unique and often the highlight. normally it has nothing do to scare do with bias. sometimes nothing to do with politics, it and it shows we are shameless enough to do anything at all we can to amuse you. blame funny stuff we found while trolling the air waves. some of it is gaffes we have caught. sometimes it's other pieces we blatantly steal with full credit, of course. but before offering the best funny videos of 2012, we want to show you the best of the best over the years. trust me, this video could go on for an hour and you'll love it all. we don't have the time for it. the first three videos could
9:14 pm
fall out of the category while live television is deadly. i don't mean it literally, to quote joe biden. you never really know what's going to happen when the cameras is live. there's not a dambisa thing you can do about it. in the three cases, reporters are separately trying to promote one story when another one called reality intervenes. >> america broke records tuesday in voter participation and friends at cnn n on the scene live to report the story at places where people stood in line to catch their ballots. >> tv folks have been waiting patiently for some time. hundreds of people were standing in this line early this morning. in fact, polling place opened at 6:00 and some folks were waiting in line two hours before that at 4:00 a.m. how long have you been waiting. how long have you been waiting. >> five minutes. [laughter] >> the severe flooding here in the northeast as more rain continues to fall today and --
9:15 pm
michelle is in the cano. it's new jersey this morning. good morning do you. >> good morning. we're getting a nice break from the rain. not the flooding. this is essentially now -- on the river it rushed in yesterday with the stream. and it tough to control a quay know or boat in it. katie? >> reporter: actually aye take it. is there a severe dropoff. we saw the guys a second ago michelle walk prpg these holly men walking on top of water? what's going on here? talk to me a little bit about morale here. we heard so much about the insurgent attacks. we heard about the uncertainty when you are going to get to go home. would you describe morale. >> my unit morale is pretty good. every day it's we have gone to our missions people are already execute the mission. they are excited to be here. >> reporter: how much does the uncertainty of how long you're going to be here expect morale.
9:16 pm
>> they know they have a mission. they like taking on the new objects and taking on the new challenges and train the iraqi army. they are motivated and ready to go. >> reporter: i think you are tell megatruth. there might be a lot of people at home wondering how to could be possible with the conditions you are facing and the attacks you're faces. what would you say to the people that are doubtful that morale can be that high. >> i'll tell you. if i got my news from the newspaper i would be depressed well. [laughter] [applause] [applause] the next one comes from the tonight show and it is a spoof of bill clinton. hi, president clinton, welcome to news for kids. it's only september and christmas is already on my
9:17 pm
mind. are you excite to do? >> there's a reason it's on people's minds. the campaign . >> what do you mean? don't you like santa? >> i work hard to try to kill him. . >> you tried to kill santa? we contracted with pool to kill him. i got closer to killing him than anybody has gotten since. [laughter] jack web take barack obama to the cleaners. >> if we don't pass it, here's the guarantee that the people who are watching tonight the premiums will go up, the employers are going to load up more cost for you. they're going to drop the coverage, they can't afford a increase of 25 or 30% in terms
9:18 pm
of providing the health care to employees each and every year. the federal government will go bankrupt. >> you really believe that, don't you? [laughter] you appear to be a moderately well educate man. you use the highly train the intelligent. you utilize it the same as a highly sophisticated weapon. you had the finest university teachings in the world. having once been gifted with it how do you put it use? common detriment of man. the society that made that learning possible for you. the pity is you're believed in particularly be the young with the power of the highly intelligence you can move mountains. >> what about my freedom and rights and my family's way of living. you don't crn yourself with that. . >> you're full of enthusiasm and ideas and you're boiling over with energy. you want to change things you look around and see things that need changing.
9:19 pm
people kill each other and they shouldn't. people are cold and ill late rate. they needle shelters and booking. the words needs changes. [applause] [applause] we have a clip of the favorite. the daily show report on a leftist protesters in 0 limb with a, washington who chained himself to a building in protest but it was the wrong building. >> meet jody of olympia washington. a man driven to protest. the bush administration give the ultimate tim to saddam hussein to leave iraq, i got ready and got a chain and locks and i went to commit an act of civil disobedience by locking myself
9:20 pm
to a door. >> he known chain himself year here to the u.s. department of energy substation. ib steady he ended up here. changed to the side door of a non-profit rural aid organization. [laughter] he got the wrong building but at least he had the right message. >> your sign reduce deficit. and you shout nod blood for oil. and you were chained to a health organization. what's your message. >> well, -- so. wrong building ununclear message. at least he reached the people. >> how long before someone noticed you. 18 hours. >> [laughter] >> why do you think people ignored you. >> i think people don't like to think about the troubles in the international spectrum right now. >> not because you were below sidewalk level? [laughter] >> he brought me to the place where for some reason no one saw
9:21 pm
him. you were chained where? >> just to this door handle here. >> was the was the sign here. >> yes, actually. >> did you read the sign. >> after i locked to the door handled. >> yes. after he locked to the door handled. but every good protester has a con ting sei plan. >> qhow found out you were in the wrong place you unlocked yourself and moved. no. i didn't have the key. >> i . >> i left it in the car. i was using. >> in the car probably next to the fish ticket. [laughter] then 18 hours later, offer worker larry clark stumbled upon him and set him straight. >> you told heft of him at the wrong building. what did he say? >> basically oh. [laughter] oh. >> he just said oh?
9:22 pm
>> yes. jody stand as an inspiration to all us. >> rosa parks chaining herself to the wrong building? >> i'm sorry. i don't know who rosa parks is. >> he feels wiser and he has big plans for next time. >> if i was going do it again, i might actually try to research and find a building that is actually owned by the federal government. [laughter] [laughter] [applause] good idea. those really good and 2012 is no different. it's another treasure-trove and we offer you several of the best tonight. the first comes courtesy of nbc saturday night live. which proves from time to time it is an equal opportunity
9:23 pm
offender. i wonder if al sharpton laughed -- actually, i wonder if he knows how to laugh when he saw the perfect parody of his msnbc performance host. which i have never seen since he's on opposite special report and nobody has either. somehow i think it's doubtful. the clip ran on may 19th. roll tape. [applause] four years since the financial melt down in wall street still has a problem. the problem is they are gambling with our money. let talk about it on politics nation. i'm al sharpton. excuse us. let us talk about wall street. this week the country's biggest
9:24 pm
bank jpmorgan announced they lost $3 million. here to explain is colin who is head of global finance for gip morgan in london. >> good evening. it's jpmorgan. okay. you can ca me a. l. sharpton. >> okay. now. >> we couldn't [inaudible] litigate the risk. because the multiple disconnected risk that run by third parties. [laughter] >> on to the ongoing segment. here are the jobs we toes can our on the jobs are at here in america. let's go to aca to talk to peter who works at [inaudible] which is a -- do the they have fins or wings? i work at the salmon cannery. [laughter] >> and what kind of jobs are up
9:25 pm
there? >> well, we need fish cleaners. people to take out the bones and cut the fish. it's hard work but it pays well. we have 12 positions open now. >> hold up. you're telling me you have 12 good jobs taking the bones and feathers off l salmon can are in i ares. [laughter] and these republicans are still talking about how unemployment is so bad. i tell you what, i'm going take one of the jobs myself. how do i get up there? >> well, al, we're over sthowrks miles away. >> i drive a 1990 buick. i can fit six people in the backseat. we are coming to get the job. >> you are going drive to aca to can fish. >> absolutely. when i'm not doing the show. all i do is play draw something and sample olive oil relaxers at the barbershop. getting waxy. republicans are supporting millionaires on wall street while talking about doom and gloom in the job market.
9:26 pm
it's like smoke in mirror. it's like they prught smoke in to a mirror. because in the mirror our country -- he's got emphysema. that is bad. [laughter] al sharpton, ladies and gentlemen. [applause] most americans celebrated when we learned the news of osama bin laden's death. we celebrated in many different ways, i personally took a case of beer to the standard offices and we all had a beer. [applause] but no one e expressed themselves like the comedian martin short. shortly after the killing of osama bin laden he took to the david lettererman show to sing the own personal tribute. ♪ goodbye al qaeda. your beard never seemed too clean to me. ♪ i'm glad they washed you off
9:27 pm
before they dumped you in the sea. ♪ [laughter] ♪ in the afterlife six dozen versions sure sounded swell it must have burned your ass when you ended up in hell. ♪ [applause] ♪ it seems to me, you lived your life like an -- [bleep] ♪ in pakistan ♪ ♪ you reached the lowest limits from human race ♪ ♪ could have shot you anywhere how about in the face ♪ [applause] [applause] you had the chance to shoot you anywhere ♪ any where ♪ ♪ so we shot you in the face
9:28 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ we shot you in the face ♪ [applause] [applause] so the next thing in the script says, i have a personal affinity for the following officers, i'm in them. i don't know when they are. so i don't get know if i have a personal affinity for the things if they're making fun of me. i don't. i blame you, brent. but it's become a staple of special report with brett baier we close with some snippet of video we have caught somewhere we find or the producer find find humorous. they come from a different destruction. those on the set are off as amused as the public watching us. my name is stephen hays.
9:29 pm
approve. >> complained a lack of fire worvegs during the republican debate. one late night show illustrates the use of one word brought the candidates together. >> obamacare, obamacare, obamacare, obamacare, obamacare, obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare. obamacare ♪ obamacare. obamacare ♪ obamacare obamacare. obamacare ♪ obamacare. obamacare. bach. obamacare. obamacare obama, obama, obama, obama, backup, obama, obama, obama, obama. [laughter] we know the official campaign slogan for the president's re-election certificated simply one word forward. but not everyone thought it was catchy enough. the vice president has apparently been floating some alternatives. change only comes through challenge. more optimistic about the country than i have before been not because of obama and me.
9:30 pm
we can't do. we can't do it. [laughter] forget about your [breep] dignity. forget about -- get your loan from your parents. [laughter] i don't quite get this. i'm so ashamed. [laughter] the vice president booten was fired up at the ncaap speech. the second during a week. obama supporters praised the featurers. it appears one show has uncovered a new tour biden started. >> this summer don't miss your chance to see america's funniest number two. joe biden vp of comedy. i wonder how the hell my parents did it. it's a different story. [laughter] relax, as barack obama says three letter word, jobs. j. o. b. s.
9:31 pm
jobs. [laughter] every gaffe. god rest your soul, and -- your mom is still alive. [laughter] god bless her soul. [laughter] joe biden vp of comedy tour. you'll pee your pants laughing. >> thanks for inviting us in to to your home. it's not that easy this time of year for reporters who get sent to cover the winter weather. times when covers the dangers of sledders and cars on slick roads, it's not just the cars that are the endangered. with we know it's not going get any better. it will get worse as long as the corner is open. we saw a car. buss are coming through too. a number of phone calls. because of the reporter. >> thank you for ruining the -- total complete. you ruined it. >> okay.
9:32 pm
okay. the official obama campaign slogan as we told you it forward. one word with a period at the end of that apparently caused some inside the campaign. they are okay. with a few weeks left until democratic national convention one late night show insists president obama and vice president biden are continuing to try out and search for the perfect general election campaign slogan. >> you can't. no you shouldn't. don't even try. [laughter] there's no jobs for you, man. the economy is bad. it's all my fault. and i can't fix it. [laughter] i bet not chinese. >> i'm over my head. >> we don't have enough money to pay them bank. we have to move. [laughter] >> you should vote for mr. romney. [laughter] >> apparently one show managed to get behind the scenes video with the president.
9:33 pm
we told you about four lucky donors who won a campaign contest to have din we are president obama. they thought they were lucky until the bill came. watch what happens here. there's a fancy place. they're talking there. [inaudible] put the check down. [laughter] look how much the check is. $14 trillion. then he sneaks out. [laughter] [applause] thanks for inviting us in to your homes. that's it for the "special report." [laughter] [applause] [laughter] [applause] you couldn't make it up why bother. there it is. i thank steve and in case you have the towrnlg start drinking heavily we have pbr back there on ice. it's how he celebrates. annual mrc dishonors award has
9:34 pm
winners chosen by the distinguished cross section of the vast right-wing conspiracy of department of media affairs. you may not known it existed. it does. it has been a star studded assembly and this year is no exception. this year we have for 2012, twelve judges, and it is my pleasure to introduce them to you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:35 pm
in the third and final presenter this evening is a man who needs to introduction. he's going to get one anyway just in case. he's well known in the conservative movement as intellectual heavy lifter and one of the best and cleverest humorist. he's a pass presenter for the dishonors award. he's the founding editor of "national review" online and editor at large for "nro." a visiting fellow at aei and a
9:36 pm
fox news contributor. how many jobs can one guy have. he's a national column nist. number one ""new york times" best selling author and more importantly to him, i read directly from the pie owe here pee lives in washington, d.c. w his wife jessica, his daughter lucy, dog coz moe, cat gray sei, and a rotating lineup of fish and snails that do not seem to live long number enough to warrant permanent status in the biography. i give you joan that goldberg. ♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ there is no goatee on the special report tonight. this is a national emergency.
9:37 pm
first of all, i want to start off with a complaint. i was told there was going to be a tell prompter and this was my shot at seeming presidential. it's gone. [laughter] i'm truly happy to be here. i'm happier than helen thomas at at rally. [laughter] i'm happier than joe biden on lime jell-o day at the home. [laughter] we should get it started. i have come to realize after many years at the political commentator and a research of political history, close study of the historical literature. maybe you noticed it too. >> they don't like us. liberals in the press would rather have the finger nail -- ♪ sky net is mad at me.
9:38 pm
liberals in the press would their finger nail pulled out. the ears punctured by unscrapperrenned no. 2 pencils. they would rather jell-o wrestle with debby wasserman schultz. they would rather have the favorite species sewn to the small intesten. rather than acknowledge they are human beings. i have toed admit it's not a new phenomena. hostility began the moment we right-winger choose to champion bizarre idea like liberty, personal responsibility, patriotism, virtue, and of course, that most fearsome of all four letter words, as joe biden might say, god. god. [applause] it's true lay love-hate relationship. they love it hate us. my favorite example of this was barry gold water in 1964 when he
9:39 pm
was running for president of the united states, he went on a vacation in europe, and daniel shore of the cbs evening news reported that barry gold water's planned trip to europe was really a clandestine effort to meet up with neo-nazi element in hitler's stomping ground in order to coordinate the fall campaign. gold water sued and won. it's the few time we get liabled or slanders by the press and get punishment for it. since 1978 the media research center has been documenting the attack and providing -- for me and others to sort of turn tables on them. the more -- the trend is always has been the more admired a conservative leader like gold water or reagan or rush limbaugh the congressional class or the tea party most of the united
9:40 pm
states western civilization basically anything on the side of truth, justice, and the american way, we get dmoonized for it and streeted as if we are other worldly evil ceoture. tonight we give you snippets down memory lane of the past 25 years. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i think liberal lymph lives the notion that we don't have to stay where we are as a society. we have promises to keep. and it is liberalism whether people like or not. it is animated all the years of my life. what on earth did conservativism ever accomplish for our country? ♪ >> after eight years of what many saw as the reagan
9:41 pm
administration the neglect of the poor and study the indifference to civil rights. a lot who lived through it seemed to think the best thing about george bush, he is not ronald reagan. ♪ ♪ >> largely as as a result of the policy and priority of reagan administration, more people are becoming poor and staying poor in the country than many times since world war ii. ♪ >> if there's anything left ronald reagan trickle down theory it seems to be anxiety which seems to be trickle down through every segment of our society. ♪ if you give complearns thomas a little flower you think you have david talking. here is a man who is against everything that has lifted the level of life of -- [inaudible] ♪ i egg and butter many black men
9:42 pm
do a [inaudible] >> has hard too. he's remember rehenceble person. ♪ your words trickle down terrorist who face their agenda on division, exclusion, and fear. do you think middle class americans are in need of protection. ♪ the new republican majority congress took a big step on the legislative agenda to demolish or damage government-aid programs many of them designed to help children and the poor. ♪ >> the bombing in home city has focused renewed attention on the rhetoric coming from the right and those who cater to angry white men. the extent to when the approach fosters violence is being questioned by many observers. >> any jesse helm offender. i think he ought to be worried
9:43 pm
about what's going on in the good lord's mind. if there's retribute of justice. he'll get aids from a transfusion or one of his grandchildren will get it. ♪ >> it finally dawned on me the person reminded me of facially all this time is -- including the glasses. ♪ this advice, mr. bush, shut the hell up! good night and good luck. ♪ >> they waived signs likening president obama to hitler and the devil. raising questions about whether he was born in the country. falsely accused him of setting up debt panels to cry the speech to indocket nation and called him everything from a socialist to a communist. add it up ensome promise inept obama supporters are saying that paints the pick of opposition driven in part by a refusal to
9:44 pm
accept a black president. >> the republicans lie. they want to see you dead. they would rather make money off your dead cork. they like it when the woman has cancer and they don't have anything for her. ♪ >> rush limbaugh is beginning to look more like mr. big. at some point he's going explode like a giant blimp. ♪ i'm not getting used to the big screen thing. i feel like there should be a long line of chinese soldiers in front of me. anyway, 2012 is no different. they continue to embrace the conservative value and reporters continue the character assassination campaign for what they call the news. we give you the finalist for the
9:45 pm
2012, i want to read it. [inaudible] and the conservatives to hell award thank you. thank you. our first nominee is an accomplished journalist howard formally with "newsweek" until it was sold for $1. apparently they couldn't handled the salary after this. he moved to the huffing ton post where is in the value of a $1.75 with that level of capitalization. they can handled a salary now. on july 23, on the july 23 -- [inaudible] insulting plob, the tea party, and the republican party all in one sound byte. he is planning to and has from the beginning of the complain play to the native base of the tea party. . by nativist people in the sees essence afraid of the world. the republican party is going to
9:46 pm
cripple itself beyond recognition if they don't quit being -- [inaudible] lower lip quivering and the body and epileptic spa schism. incoherent demand you get by the playground. okay. all right. i'm exaggerating a little bit. maybe they didn't curl their lips. [laughter] on march 2, cnn march 2 pierce morgan national audience could fit in the backseat of rush limbaugh's her say does mounted
9:47 pm
high horse and delivered this that no one heard because no one watches them except for the poor staffer at mrc who has been handcuffed to the radiator. >> limbaugh's disgusting comment living in a warped ugly swamp. saying it's okay to degrade decent young woman. shame on you. it isn't. >> our final nominee for the award is nbc an are curry. she conducted what nbc called i want to get the word right an interview. her guest was paul ryan. listen as she raddles off a series of talking points. unfortunately it isn't. it's another far left pro-obama
9:48 pm
outfit. listen as she demands paul ryan admit search going suffer as a matter of fact he doesn't even like poor people. paul ryan deserves the noble pize prase for not beating her up. center of bunt you're smiling because you know about this. >> i do. 62% of the savings in your budget could come from outing can programs for the poor. that gene 8 and 10 million people will be kicking off of food stamp naps you could cut medicare by $200 billion and medicare and other health care programs like $770 billion. where the em pat think. do you acknowledge that poor people will suffer under the budget. no. >> you have shown a lack of em pat em pa think to poor people. >> any one of these champions of journalistic ontivity and
9:49 pm
intellectual could have won tonight's dambisa you conservative to hell award. and behind them stand another -- thank you. and behind them stand another dozen who could have qualified if our limitations. but the judges had to choose only one and choose they did. the winner of the 2012damn conservatives to hell award goes to a new car. no. goes to -- the woman who believes paul ryan is some kind of underweight loser with better hair out to destroy the world as we know it. nbc ann curry. ♪ if i only had a brain. ♪ for in the middle and global foreign. >> where is the em pat think that poor people will suffer.
9:50 pm
you have shown a lack . >> ♪ you'd be thinking you could be a another lincoln if you only had a brain. ♪ ♪ why tell me why the ocean is near the shore ♪ ♪ think of things i never thought ♪ i didn't know about the music. ann curry couldn't make it tonight. [laughter] she is at the local or fan inch telling the kids that paul ryan killed santa because they wouldn't eat their veggies. accepting the award is lady who knows full well what it's like to have the kitchen sink thrown at you. there's a special thing reserved for her. she's pro-life and if there's one conservative who try drives liberal media bat crazy it's pro-lifer. but not only she pro-life she's an incredibly successful. she was founder of the susan b.
9:51 pm
anthony and as the president has seen it grow to one of the premier pro-life organization in the country. the connected pact the susan b. anthony fund has been instrumental in electing over 100 members of congress. she deserves our nation's gratitude. the youngest of the young can't do it. we must have faith that a god has them in heaven. we can, labeling, thank marjorie dannenfelser. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ '02 know what is supercool is that this is perfect because ann and i are really tight. [laughter] you know marty, my husband said
9:52 pm
i don't know where you begin and ann ends. you're so the same person. but he said it under his breath. it was maybe it was like endless or maybe chatter was in there. i'm not sure. but ann and i have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what is wrong with you guys and paul ryan how we're really great, how we're kind and good and generous. what is wrong with you people? and it's kind of easy to figure out. we got together last night to talk about this. and first of all we're women. it's easy. we women, we're a part of the sister hood. we get it. we absolutely understand what compassion means. we have the sister hood, all right. we are the femme feminist senior hood. we have allies at planned parenthood who understand compassion very deeply. and the biggest sister over there, the founder really
9:53 pm
understands compassion. she said, really innovative things, you know, compassion people come with innovative strategy how to help the poor and innovative strategy marjorie dannenfelser came up with. let's eliminate before they get to be a drag. that's innovative and the compassion we decided where we were coming from. catholics, margaret said useless breeders. and spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all. and, you know, we have a big family. i bet there are a lot of big families here. you guys are the problem. you're not living passionate live mps in most merciful things a large family does to one of the infant members is to kill it. i'm not kidding. you can't make that un. that's actually what she said. and ann i we figured out that to be compassionate, there is a class of human beings that are
9:54 pm
human weeds. clear out that underbrush. everything is better for all of us. and they won't suffer. well, look, i am very thrilled. in all seriousness to accept this award on ann's behalf and thank from the bottom of my heart what they have been doing for the past 25 years to truly expose what the heart of compassion truly is. in all seriousness and that is always been the pro-life cause has always been central to the tracking of the bias and the immediate >>. bethank them and with their staff and all of you. there's been so much progress. thank you very much. [applause] [applause] ♪ ♪
9:55 pm
♪ pay not to see me dance. this is a point of personal prerchl. we're doing the political iq award for celebrities. and barbara streisand. i have a obsession with her. i'm not falling around with a gray buick with my trunk lined with garage bags. knots a healthy obsession. one of the reasons why when the l.a. times picked me up as a column nist. he canceled her sub scrix to the l.a. times in protest. [applause] and in my career, there are few view higher water marks than that. so in all fairness, some people say the conservative shouldn't be a pain in the ass to hollywood liberals. simple fact is it's the fastest root to the brain. [laughter] indeed over the years, on the
9:56 pm
somber occasion called the dishonors we have honored to listen and ponder the great mystery surrounding that amazing force of nature of the hollywood brain. the beauty is lots of people think hollywood liberals really, really dumb and too stupid to be spell checker in mm factory. the things they speak and remove all doubt. don't believe me? we're doing to exam the record over the a past 25 years with highlights. there's more words. celebrities give speeches that -- that rallies all the time. but what do they say? watch the compilation and you understand where the comrades in the liberal news media focus on the crowd shots. we'll be give you a quick sample. mike meyers talking about cay tree anyway in a hollywood concert the rapper can kanye west says something not only out of left field not even out of left field stands lightly to the
9:57 pm
left of the satellite imaging device viewing the attitude yum from space. there's eastbound with a masters in skyscraper engineering. and then there's ted turner god love him. he's here too and continues prove once again he's a few fries short of a happy mealed. prove sheg learned all she knows about democracy from the writing on a bathroom port john at the occupy wall street protest. and finally there's the name sake for the say ward. showing why the award is named after her. roll the tape. ♪ ♪ [applause] all right. have already squandered your social security. they better put our uteruses in a lox box and keep their hands
9:58 pm
off them! ♪ the direction of the spirit of the people in southern louisiana and mississippi may be the tragic lost of all. >> george bush doesn't care about black people ♪ do you believe in a conspiracy in terms attack of the 9/11. i believe it is the first time in history fire has melted steel. i believe it's a physic for the world trade center 7 building seven which collapsed on itself it is impossible for a building to fall the way it felt without explosives become built. >> eight degrees hotter -- in thirty or fort years and basically none of the crops will grow. most the people will die and the rest will be cannibals. ♪ it's about hating a black man in the white house. this is araifm. it's nothing but a bunch of tea
9:59 pm
bagging red necks. ♪ barack obama as a person is a fantastic individual but barack obama as an idea marks an evolutionary flash point for humanity. ♪ it probably hurt the democratic party fund-raiser barbara streisand performed a song "memories" from "the way we were ." gathered pictures of the house we left behind. ♪ ♪ ♪ memories ♪ as long as they there's -- ♪
10:00 pm
♪ [laughter] and that's the report for the time. do it again next time. in the meantime stay tewsed for news. ♪ ♪ [applause] >> just making me feel unsafe now. okay. now we're going look at the finest from 2012. they are still there and like the clapping monkeys in the batter battery commercials. they are spinning around and calling progress. ..
10:01 pm
that they are now geopolitical experts, too. on september 23rd last year, our friend piers morgan at the camp nonsense network was interviewing mr. freeman asked him about the old standby, gop racism. waste of the become an expert on the tea party. and i'll put money on and he's never been within 100 miles at a tea party rally. these mock >> has obama helped the process of eradicating racism?
10:02 pm
or have been made a worse? >> made it worse. the tea parties who are controlling the republican party, publicly stated is to do whatever it takes to see to it that obama will only serve one term. what underlines that? through the country were going to do whatever we can't do get this black man out of here. >> it is not necessarily bases. >> is a racist thing. >> that was cordoned from "sesame street." either way, speaking of celebrities turning sour, what happened to david letterman? i remember -- she knows. i remember the days when he was actually really, really, really funny. now he is one of those guys
10:03 pm
comment that even though there's like a dozen empty urinals, still walks up right next to you in the bathroom and just starts telling you all of their opinions and their creepy and disturbing. ladies, take my word for it. but seriously, you can't turn into the verbal equivalent of someone who sends you e-mail and all caps because if it is an all caps it's got to be true. i'm a 15 come he is interviewing nbc news ticker brian williams. note to visibly uncomfortable at even williams becomes as letterman raises the antennae of his invisible helmets and begins communicating with mars. >> the day after the 9/11 attacks, the number one priority in america was forgot to get bin laden. so eight years go by. we still haven't got bin laden. church to be pushed if he doesn't think too much about bin
10:04 pm
laden. in the interim, we invade afghanistan and iraq because cheney wanted to help out his buddies at brown and root and halliburton and grab up all the oil. i think they went soft on the project because they were worried about upsetting their saudi arabian royalty bodies. so now, osama bin laden finally is gunned down by barack obama displayed great courage and great intelligence. what more do you want for a country that not an encouraging that kind of intelligence? >> our final offer a genetic test to's favorite sycophant or like to call them can make you go seanez favorite display. if you are sean penn -- look, if you are sean penn and if something really asinine you have to get out there, where you go?
10:05 pm
that's right, piers morgan. on october 14 to mr. penn delivered one of the most asinine comments every national television. can we call cnn national television anymore? and even worse, he insisted that we know this -- she insisted we note this is his original thought. he came up with it. >> he has what i call get the word out of the white house. at the end of the day there is a big couple saying, can we just luncheon? >> he's so charming. how do you decide a winner here? the winner of the 2012 barbra streisand political i.q. award for political activity goes to
10:06 pm
bbq go, sean penn. ♪ >> he has what i call it the and word out of the white house party, the tea party. there's a big bubble coming off their heads, saying, can we just lynch him? ♪ >> i'm sorry underneath so much water. i selected an enormous amount of pot before i got here and and has enormous strain mouse. unfortunately sean penn couldn't be here.
10:07 pm
we tried to convince him we aren't two pillows away from the klansmen, but we thought it was well-established in this ground zero for liberal causes and candidates. should tell us something there was no ground zero special interest for our side. it is just individuals who preserve freedom and the american dream. they are our ground zero. there was one couple incredibly generous to many, many causes in many, many leaders and all of us who have been beneficiaries sure a deep sense of gratitude for their patriotism and their philanthropy. but so often is the case because of their generosity in patriotism and devotion to tradition at this couple has been repeatedly tillery better price. when foster and winfrey's agreed to sponsor tonight's dinner, they had no idea it was our intention to honor them. we do so now with great joy. please rise and into real heroes of the conservative movement,
10:08 pm
foster and lynn freeze. ♪ ♪ >> it truly is disappointing that sean penn couldn't be here. but some people are concerned because i am not known as the most humble guy. so being able to do this introduction is in on itself, which i'm grateful. and because of this humility thing, i decided to write a book on america's 10 most dynamic leaders said today and how i trained the other nine. [laughter] now i think, i am so attached.
10:09 pm
i often tear up when they played the star-spangled banner, but united in the pledge of allegiance got to see me to see your son up there. let's give the soldiers a big round. [applause] it also reminded me of a cute little story appeared out in wyoming we have this wal-mart store and they have this greater. they call them and say you are the best greeter. your friendly, courteous, kind, so helpful, we need to talk to you because you can wait quite a bit lately. we see in your resume years experience in the military. i said what did they say you? they said something like, but she? in coffee, admiral? [laughter] >> out west, when you wear your cowboy hat and someone does some reason it really to mistake, you
10:10 pm
grow a tip of the hat to that particular person or organization. i would like to say, a tip of the hat to this organization for all of you for supporting, for this task. [applause] and using the phrase that we hear on another station, i am glad that we have this organization for keeping them honest. >> god bless you all. [applause] ♪ >> kind of miss that man him -- and done.
10:11 pm
provide the clarity, did not? little did we know when the wall came down we would have to fight them all over again back here. [cheers and applause] and it is amazing to me, listening to the cliffs of barbra streisand and the vast, it is amazing how they've been able to airbrush their own history and such an extraordinary way. aromatics me of men in black with the tool they have at the end that cleanses their memory. it is essentially what democrats have done with a history of their own party. and it is appalling. it's amazing, maybe psychologically healthier something. it has been a great evening. it is about to come to an end, at least the official proceedings, and music to follow, party to follow. lots of debauchery i have no doubt. and my final duty tonight is to introduce the man himself, brent
10:12 pm
bozell or some final remarks for all y'all as they say it here miles south of here. so without further, ladies and gentlemen, mr. brent bozell. ♪ ♪ >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. to my son, to all this sounds at all the daughters fighting for us overseas. [applause] i promised him that toast, drinking and speaking. i like that. thank you, chris plante.
10:13 pm
first and foremost, you have been a wonderful mc. [applause] and he is worth every penny. in truth, chris has been a longtime friend of this organization and i do think chris for everything he has done for the country and for our cause. we have lots of people to think quickly tonight. we have noise in the back. this is a good thing. lots of people. bonnie langford, jessica lamanna, jim and lisa dumper of verizon television, brent baker, julie sullivan, melissa lopez, bob parks, corey parks, in fact, most everyone at the mrc participated in one form or another in the production estimates event. it being our 25th anniversary, ladies and gentlemen, i exert executive privilege here. folks, these are the people responsible for it all. let me ask everyone that the mrc please do seem and to be
10:14 pm
recognized. [cheers and applause] [applause] >> rant, i apologize, but i know you how you script everything and everything is right to the minute, but we would reinvest on this 25th anniversary at the staff and board of directors doesn't acknowledge you. so i asked the rest of the board to come out. if you could support norm up also. he had the dishonors portion. now we want the honors portion. is from a quarter of a century ago, everything you heard of the 6:00 and is was gospel. we believed it.
10:15 pm
i mean, polls show the vast majority of americans believe that. except one person, brent bozell had a mission, a vision. he decided that was not the case, not accurate. not the way it was. so we started the media research center at quarter of a century ago and we just want to thank him so much. we have with us here tonight the board of directors and nine of the statue said that and we want you to join up with also. we have actually three things we are going to do to honor branch. first, see more fine, since he didn't get to do the pledge is going to do the honors of unveiling the plaque that will appear in the new headquarters for all to see for years and years to come. [applause] >> thank you.
10:16 pm
[applause] branch, david martin, had the wonderful idea of creating a plaque in tribute to your 25 years of service i would like to unveil it didn't read the instructions. [applause] present it to al brent bozell, an honor and grateful under 25 years of courageous service and inspirational leadership of the mrc and your tireless defense of our unalienable rights as americans.
10:17 pm
[applause] the second thing we would like to do is actually, i was hoping that i could really talk about this because i was so excited when i saw it again, but some very generous benefactors, when they heard we were going to honor brent tonight spontaneously like this, they said we want to help and we want to give something. but they are as humble as brent is, so we are not to say what it is, but norma, get the suntan lotion out and enjoy him rejuvenate for the next 25 years. [applause] to show you how unscripted arise, we were supposed to have the voice of god tonight call us
10:18 pm
at. could you have her the board of directors of the media research center. dr. fein, rebecca mercer, bill walton. mike tyson can be with this more herald sentiments, but i want to do one last thing. and that is, you should all have some champagne and ask you to rise and just join with the board ensuring that the staff of the mrc coming to think brent for his quarter century of work, his vision, his dedication. this is someone that works as hard today 25 years later, when most of us would be coasting. he works harder today than he did when he first started this organization. so, to brent bozell, one last thing. he is our friend and i'm proud to call him my friend. cheers, brent bozell.
10:19 pm
[cheers and applause] [inaudible conversations] >> okay, and two more interruptions before i'm allowed to finish? .so touching and that is so happy. well, let me thank the people i have to thank. our presenters, laura ingraham, stephen hayes, jonah goldberg, you have my deepest gratitude. orson bean, alley mills, you are such wonderful people for coming. my thanks. finally, to the acceptor spanner tonight, reince priebus, marjorie dannenfelser, it's absolutely you be honored at the sacrifices you make and continue
10:20 pm
to make on behalf of our cause, our country. we are when you're dead. no pastor. i am not really in your debt. i don't want to be in your debt. that would be a very dangerous thing. now, we have one more exercise tonight. and ladies and gentlemen, it is a biggie. what is this? now is the time were normally i ask all of our participants to come on the stage and join us for the quote of the year. but this being our 25th, we are going to do something somewhat different. why not go for the whole enchilada? i ask you, why don't we, all of us, very loudly and of noxious slurry, and mms uncivilized manner possible, tonight, choose the worst reporter in the history of man.
10:21 pm
now, here is how it is going to work. we are going to present you with the four finalists for the worst reporter in the history of man. and to give you a flavor white each one is nominated, by the way, it was an arduous nomination process. brent bozell and i decided. we prepared a compendium of some of the most outrageous statements they've made over the years. watch each collage. do not throw things at the screens. we paid a fortune for them. watch these snippets quietly. smell the sweet nectar of distortions and deceptions. savor the character asssination. be one with a shamelessly schizophrenic slobbering at the altar of liberalism. after those four collections are concluded, then i will bring on
10:22 pm
our participants back on the stage. it is then we will have a formal vote for the worst reporter in the history of man. that is when you can let it fly. a note to your greek relatives, easy on the plates. our first finalist for the worst reporter in the history of man is none other than bunker dan what's the fricker c. rather. how can he not make a great? he has delighted us for decades that one and accurate and utterly inane report after the other. he can now be found on the ginsu knife channel, still insisting those national guard documents are actually somehow real. roll the tape. ♪
10:23 pm
>> sending missiles to the ayatollah of iran. you are a terrorist expert. we are a terrorist state. you may dedicate the face of the world. tell us about your policy. >> it is not just congress taken a sharp turn to the right. the search they ran capitol hill is make in waves all over the country and openly, politically partisan and sometimes racist radio. >> the new republican majority in congress took a big step today on its legislative agenda, to demolish government aid programs, many designed to help children and the poor. is there or is there not some concern of the public perception in some quarters, not all of them democratic, that this is
10:24 pm
the kind of effort of a crew, that is yummy twice popularly elected president of the united states, to those you you mentioned the republican party dislike him and what he stands for and have been unable to be denied the polls that found another way to get them out of office. ♪ >> cbs news has exclusive information, including documents that now sheds new light on the president's service record. 60 minutes has obtained government documents that indicate mr. bush may have received preferential treatment in the guard after not fulfilling his commitments. ♪ >> tonight, we have new documents and new information the president's military service in the first-ever interview with the man who says he pulls the strings to get your and judged to be a push texas air national guard. >> are you sorry about that now? >> now. >> was your quote correct?
10:25 pm
>> yes. and i think most people know by now it was correct. >> i want to ask you flat out. do you think quincy williams is an honest man? really? even though he lied to jim lehrer space. >> i think you can be an honest person and lie about any number of things. >> you know, it is a thing he is doing. ♪ >> dan rather. but a walk. that's all they want. we've got three more. our second finalist is arguably the most pretentious of the lot. a man who loses oregon's come a kind of grandiose, self-importance born from so many years struggling in the
10:26 pm
trenches, reading sports scores on a teleprompter. yes, bryant gumbel, you have always been a pompous asked and if you are lucky tonight, you'll win a new trophy, worst reporter in the history of man. roll the tape. >> largely as a result of policies and priorities of the administration, more people are becoming poured stained poor than any time since world war ii. >> welcome to the day, wednesday morning, a day when the budget picture seems gloomier than ever. but time has come to pay the fiddler for costly dance of the reagan years. >> let's not debate his presidency, but his passing as opposed to a man like reagan, nixon was highly regarded as a statesman of a first-class mind. with him gone now, who's
10:27 pm
become -- it's not jimmy carter? >> we've got an awful lot to talk about this week, including the harassment. >> in light of the new welfare reform bill, do you think the children need more pairs than ever before quarks >> as long as the republican party you know is populated by the pat buchanan, the jesse helme, the jerry falwell's. >> give a right to be suspicious? >> i have to laugh when someone says these are the worlds greatest at a. it makes the winter games look like a gop convention. >> is a hard holding your own views? >> in terms of my political views, i hold the check. i don't think this fellow in who
10:28 pm
watches to think i am one way or the other. [laughter] >> okay, kind of gets you right here. for our third finalist, we decided we need somebody who was perky. christianity, poor is not perky. diane sawyer is not perky. andrea mitchell might have been perky 30, 40, 50 years ago. katie couric is perky. not to be very honest here, i really didn't think perky katie stood a chance until i watched some of the videos you are about to see. i can assure you, she is well
10:29 pm
qualified to serve as the worst reporter in the history of man and/or woman. ♪ >> president carter, you are now considered one of the world's foremost statesman. you cause the ex-president this country has ever had. your reputation is then faltered tremendously since he left office. how does that make you feel? >> do you think the american people are not ready for a woman, who is as accomplished and career oriented as hillary clinton? your speech at the 1992 republican national convention, where he talked about a religious world was considered to be real polarizing, self-righteous, exclusionary. do you regret giving a speech? >> i do not. that was one of the most famous
10:30 pm
addresses of the 20th century. >> he says modestly. >> he says modestly. >> at morning, the gipper was an airhead. in washington today, a lot of on capitol hill. a movie star showed up before congress. a movie star named al gore. are you surprised that intimately involved he is in the whole process? >> quite frankly yes, i said mr. president, neither of us has time for this conversation, especially you, but we understand each other. we know where we need to go. >> is there anything you say to you you say to you like it cracking? >> no, never that. i'm always cracking. >> you are so confident, mr. president, and so focused beard is your confidence ever
10:31 pm
shaken? to ever wake up and say this is hard? [laughter] wait, we have one more. one more. our fourth and final contestant for the worst reporter in the history of man is going to beat nbc's brian williams. a man who has accomplished so little. he controlled like katie couric when he interviews barack obama. he can also lose a level of smarmy anti-conservative hardiness but make brian gumbel proud. he is such an awful journalist that he has accomplished the ultimate feat. ladies and gentlemen, i pine for the good old days of tom brokaw. roll the tape. ♪
10:32 pm
>> as far as i will go describing bill clinton as he is perhaps the most intellectually and physically active person to have held the job in decades and it also said that if americans are paying presidents by the thought, we are getting a bargain in this guy because he is just always moving. his brain is moving. he hardly sleeps. >> is it fair to call him the best former president and at minimum, modern american history and perhaps i guess the last 200 years? >> which embraces the president sees. >> think absolutely. >> on the bus ride along the snow we were to lebanon, new hampshire, showed in this week's "newsweek" off the presses. >> how does this feel, of all the honors that have come your way, all the publicity?
10:33 pm
last summer together handed you a copy of "newsweek." first i need holiday. have you yet tell this in your hand? >> what the attacks as busted through to you? what makes you angry as to john mccain? what is said of archer has been issuing to shout from the mountain tops is not true. >> it was one of the most moving moments in my life, to come across that bridge with this group of kids i've never met before, but we were all together. and that is the sense you get here at the parade, where the president is going to review the parade. they sent the family, the country coming together. that is the people are looking for a think. >> i would love to do you have no idea which are talking about, but everybody here kept their emotions thoroughly and check, i'd be lying to you, my friend. >> we are hoping to find you a reflective mood on a cloudy day.
10:34 pm
we're at first to speak to you coming off your summer vacation. how does it recharge you? what you think about? what do you see, what you read about? how are you thinking about your job these days? >> already. there there you have it. our four finalists. now ladies and gentlemen, you are going to vote with everything that your disposal. it will make noise, noise, noise, noise, the most toys wins. you are coming up so we see on that thing you all do. at this time, the nascar participated to join in the stage. please give them one final lag of applause. rnc, chris plante, come on out. [applause]
10:35 pm
were received? are present here, laura ingram, steve hayes, jonah gold or, come on out. , faster in leadfree's not. orson bean, halley mills. [applause] >> we have every one. okay, chris is at the bar. we will go ahead without him. so, here is how it is going to go. i am going to show you a picture on the big screen and then you are going to vote, with noise, and our judges are going to tabulate this noise and confirm monks themselves or we will be making the ultimate decision. so are we ready? okay, number one, will it be
10:36 pm
kooky dan rather? [cheers and applause] okay, there's passion. does that get nominated for the worst reporter in the history of man, will it be the arrogant bryant gumbel? [cheers and applause] all right. third, perky katie couric. [cheers and applause]
10:37 pm
for us, sworn a brian williams. [cheers and applause] [inaudible conversations] >> okay, we have a run off. we need two thirds in the best democratic national convention tradition. our two finalists are dan rather and katie couric.
10:38 pm
so we are going to do it again. give me the high sign. i can't see you, so give me the high sign. are you ready? do that yoga thing. all right. dan rather. [cheers and applause] katie couric. [cheers and applause] >> i wonder who won not one.
10:39 pm
well, katie claire hands down, unanimous, unanimous winner. dan, let's just forget about dan. can we just forget about dan? buried him in the old anchors boneyard or something. [inaudible conversations] ♪ >> katie couric, ladies and gentlemen. a very proud moment. unfortunately, she couldn't be here, we do have videotapes of a submarine going up. it's like fantastic voyage. she is the only newsmaker we've seen from the inside out. >> thank you, chris. so katie couric is now the worst
10:40 pm
reporter in the history of man or woman, which is wonderful. ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming tonight. we are not done quite yet. this part is over. the party will continue on the other side with the davison brothers are performing and the bars open in the back. thank you. god bless you. god loesser board of directors. goodnight.
10:41 pm
>> almost 20 years ago, we broadcast one of the most controversial stories in our 44 years on the air. it is called yes, but is it ours? i was accused of being a philistine, someone lacking the aesthetic sensibility to appreciate the challenging nature of some contemporary art. in those 20 years, works that i question worth hundreds of thousands of dollars are now worth hundreds of millions. >> so what made everybody so mad 20 years ago?
10:42 pm
>> i discovered it as something that i absolutely could barely believe. that when you question someone's taste in art, it is more personal, mo prayer than in the politics, religion, preference. it is just something that goes to the very soul when you say, you bought that? >> this is the first parish church in new brunswick, maine.
10:43 pm
it is significant to the story of "uncle tom's cabin" that in many ways the story began here. it is here in this pew, pew number 23. teachers do, by her account, sought a vision of uncle tom being with to death. now, uncle tom is you probably know, is the title charactercome to hear of her 1852 novel, "uncle tom's cabin." "uncle tom's cabin" was written very much as a protest novel to the slave block of which mandated in 1850 that anyone in the north, where of the abolitionists live, if anyone in the northwest to aid or abet a fugitive slave, they themselves would be imprisoned or fined for breaking the law. and this was the bill that was seen as kind of a compromise between the north and south to avoid war. it said that was part of what the novel was trying to do, to say the same, i am a person can
10:44 pm
hear you beecher stowe, name against slavery as a much of new england. and it is my way to help the slave who finds him or herself in our borders. we have the right to do that. we are not a slave state. we should be allowed to practice our lives as we see fit. >> next, henry de sio, chief operating officer of the 2000 up on the campaign of former deputy assistant to president obama. california state university northridge, he discussed the 2008 election and how those
10:45 pm
lessons can be applied to this year's campaign. he also analyzed leadership, communication and the use of words and presidential campaigns. this is an hour and 15 minutes. [applause] >> all right. thank you very much. you okay with? well, thank you. this is something of a homecoming for me. as laurie said, i actually grew up until i was in the third grade, i lived in lakewood california. and i spent a lot of time in this area. this is a holiday place for me. all of my relatives actually lived from norwalk to be female,
10:46 pm
so every holiday for about two decades, this is where we came every christmas, thanksgiving, so forth. so it is a great honor to come back here. i'll tell you a little bit about myself. when i was in third grade, i move to three rivers california. anybody know or sequoia national park is? i lived in a town called three rivers california. and i had about the same 10 kids i went to school with every year until the eighth grade. and then when we got into -- when i got into high school, we were bussed down into the valley and picked up a lot more classmates. so i grew up your world. a group small i guess you say. we did a lot of activities, camping, fishing, hunting. play ball. and so, you know, eventually i ended up in you see santa barbara as a student of political science. i think having grown up rural
10:47 pm
and kind kind of small, i guess i never imagined i could work in the white house or be part of the political campaign like the obama campaign. so i always coming in now, i was let the chance to do is talk like this because i hope there is something a mystery that might be inspiring as you allege are your success. and i think washington d.c. was for me on the other side of the road when i was going up but i know the world is smaller now and more accessible. but i think we can dream big dreams as my boss likes to tell me. my old boss likes of tommy. so we are going to talk about kind of my path to the white house. just quickly though, so i like to say that everything i learned about winning and success they learned on the campaign trail. there is always a winner and a loser. the political environment, just like the business world is
10:48 pm
highly competitive. and with every campaign season, there's always innovation incubators if you will. and so, guess the campaign is a bit of a nonterritorial showcase. and i say this because i think a lot of us think that we see these ads. i guess we think the campaign is like this big marketing machine that spits out the ads we see on television and the canvassers to get on our doors and e-mails that flood our inbox, you know, the phone calls and so forth. but if you peel back the curtain, you might find some in a little bit different. you find a very complex, highly detailed operation. purchased a million things happening at once. things happening around the candidate, things happening around the headquarters
10:49 pm
operation. things happening in the field offices. everything from, for example, where is the candidate going to stand? is going to stand with the candidate? were a society you should choose for that? how many people should come to the event right down to the helium in the balloons and how we spend our money, you know. when we spend our money, how we spend our money. all these things are happening. the camera is always on the candidate and all of our expenses show up in the monthly expense report that we have to file for the government. it's a highly transparent operation. and it is in this hothouse atmosphere in the media spotlight that leadership is on display for everyone to see. it is like a leadership reality show. right, imagine coming to work to a place where everything your boss says, every decision that
10:50 pm
you make, every action your organization takes is available for everyone to see. if you think about it this way, the campaign is really coming in now, it is pretty amazing. and so, i like to use the 2008 campaign as a canvas. i like to use this week to talk about some of those things that come in now, it is like using that as a laboratory to understand why winners win and why losers lose, with sufferers are successful from the aspiring. and if you look at 2008, right, you have everything from how do you take this little known brand, barack obama brand and turn it into how to go up against his campbell's soup of politics, which is which you have with the clintons, right? a very well known brand, two
10:51 pm
decades of service. how do you manage precrisis? what happens when the crisis outside starts to shake the confidence inside? had you get control of the narrative that is escaping, right? all of these things are available or look at 2008, even when i look at 2012. says some people get their lessons from coming to know boardroom. some of that and get them from the school classroom. some from the playing field. some people from the battlefield. i get mine from the campaign trail, where the ads go to those who demand personal and organizational success. we are going to talk a little tonight -- do a few things tonight. i want to do three things tonight. first, i want you to love campaigns the way i love campaigns for as we about what it's like. i'll answer that question a lot of people ask me.
10:52 pm
secondly, i tell a little bit of my story for students who are trying to navigate their way to success and so maybe we can open up questions around that. and finally question-and-answer and i hope we can explore a little bit again about language, my experience, perhaps, what people are seen and take some of these lessons away to our everyday lives. so that is kind of the plan for tonight. we will spend about 20 minutes before we get to q&a. so, what is it like to work inside the campaign? first of all, let me just tell you i love answering this question is number. september is my favorite month, right? you know, it is the time of year when the weather is changing. you know, you reflect on your tv
10:53 pm
again. the leaves on the trees start to change color, certainly in the east coast where we live now. and you have those ads, right? i'm barack obama and i approve this message. i am a romney and i approve this message. in the e-mail and phone calls, the sound of democracy, i love it. this is my time of year. and you know in september when the temperatures are starting to fall outside, they are starting to rise inside. and so, we had this in 2007. we had it again in 2008. everything i've read them the news right now is met romney is having and i can take the obama campaign should expect it to because that is what happens this time of year. i will go back and tell you a little about 2007. 2007, were going about six months at this stage. we were six months into the campaign at this stage four years ago.
10:54 pm
we were focused on iowa. we believe we had to win iowa to have a shot at the nomination. if we lost iowa, we were going to have some problems. there is a much more narrow path to the nomination. and so, everyone was really focused on the four early states to which included new hampshire, nevada and south carolina. in september, things are really starting to happening. you're starting to see things come together after many months. you're making a final tuneup's about 12 weeks away. and because the car you have around labor day is a car you will drive right through the primaries, so you'd think moving stuff around, getting people into positions. he was in mid-september when this poll drop. i'm just going to say, was the same poll we had been seen for a couple months, but it was a pool to show hillary clinton ahead by
10:55 pm
something like 47 to 23%. and she had -- it was a cnn poll and she was winning by at least 20 points or 25 points. that jumped into this headquarters they could grenade. there's something to happen the moment. the pressure started to squeeze in. i really wasn't ready to be honest. we started to feel the pressure. the founders get nervous when they see a national poll that shows you way behind. there starts to become questions about the strategy. mean we shouldn't focus on iowa. maybe we should spread that money around, get the candidate around the rest of the country, get the numbers that appear the pressure just really started to rise at that point. and you know, inside people started getting nervous, frankly. you start seeing staff for the first time that wonder wow, i knew what he needs to look like an opportunity, now looks like a cliff. you don't know if you're going to lose your job. you start to think about things you weren't thinking about
10:56 pm
before when you get nervous. we had that moment a 2007. we can come back and talk about how we got through that. in 2008 him that was another moment for us. if you remember 2008, it is funny to think about four years ago today. four years ago today willing to say or pale and for less than a month. our biggest higher, our most high-profile higher, a guy named joe biden had only been with us for about six weeks. and we still didn't know joe the plumber yet, right? so it is funny to look back on that time. i remember four years ago, coming in september we had a big convention in denver, this amazing summer, a foreign tour that went off flawlessly. you know, we rolled out our new vice president and here we are rolling into september. we have this convention that's
10:57 pm
big it would feel if we have momentum in the next day. mccain announces therapy limits vice president and you could just feel something all of a sudden. and people can say what they want about how pretty she was, but i will tell you what not moment, sir pale and made a pretty grand entrance onto the national stage. and she blew through. i often talk about that, you know, as hurricane sir. we have the republican convention. there were two hurricane events. one was gustav and they had to cancel the first day of their convention and the other was hurricane sir because there went the blew onto the campaign trail in the head wind was just us for about. and so, john mccain came out of his convention in september with about a three-point lead. and that stretched about maybe six or eight points in
10:58 pm
mid-september any alarm bells bell sounded and people were saying the same thing they said a year ago, hearing about the strategy. we were strong enough, hadn't hit hard enough, had defined them enough. people were worried we would now there's a chance on the majority in the senate because they all decided we were going to lose. you start to feel this pressure on us in september 15th comes and i think many of you remember, that is when lehman brothers collapses on wall street and wall street follows and john mccain is on the hook for six works, fundamental of the economy are strong, sound, can't remember which. so all of a sudden, things change and things calmed down on our side. you start to go deeper into september. things seemed to be unraveling of the bed. sir palin gives about energy to katie couric right around this time and last night i believe it wise, four years ago was the
10:59 pm
first debate in the pressure on the mccain campaign couldn't have been higher and frankly en masse as a result. but the pressure could not have been higher. and on top of that, senator mccain is doing this dance between washington d.c. and the campaign trail and he had gone to washington to craft a bailout package and said he would go to the debate unless there was a bailout package. so in the middle of all this, we didn't know if john mccain would show up on the night. so that's september. and that romney has now had a tough month. it is september. people ask mala time, what do you think? what is going to happen? i would say it's pretty early. if you think about it, the 18 day sound like a lifetime to me. so he's got two lifetimes. it was like 40 days. a lot can happen on the campaign trail between now and the end.


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